Thunder denied cloud seeding checked just links to related technical problems have been restored to

according to voice of the economy, the "world" reported yesterday (April 30th) afternoon, the Internet Co in the thunder’s website, some users reflect their own seeds appear offline video connection failure or inability to activate the cause problems not normally play, and thunder to refund of their membership fee.

due to broadcast a week ago, Sina two Internet Co have jurisprudence checked, many people worry that the thunder will be a. This afternoon, the voice of the economy reporter also interviewed a person close to the thunder. The source said that this is just a technical problem, the current maintenance, the relevant links have been restored to normal.

it is understood that the thunder members are currently divided into ordinary members and Platinum members, ordinary members to 10 yuan per month standard charges, platinum membership is $15 per month. In China, users use the thunder around 500 million people to download the video, click on Thunder KanKan’s average daily rate of more than 90 million times. Last year, the thunder achieved profitability. A month ago, Lei Jun (micro-blog), led by a large number of investors invested a total of $300 million to the thunder, the thunder of the market has entered the countdown stage, the company is currently listed silent period.

voice of the economy also told reporters today the national anti pornography office to verify whether the thunder of jurisprudence". A staff member said that the relevant staff are on vacation, in May 4th after the official reply. In the "anti pornography" website home page, the new company sina is still being investigated.

it is worth mentioning that, in the thunder’s forum, an article on the top or actively cooperate with the thunder, playing yellow sweep of non · net net 2014 special action announcement.

can see the thunder is very nervous, after all, another video site Nora suffered the test, impressive. Last week, the company’s headquarters in Shenzhen Nora was public security search, the company was shut down state. Although Nora CEO Wang Xin (micro-blog) believes that Nora is still able to continue to rely on the transformation of life, but it seems not many people would like to believe.

voice of the economy today called Nora CEO Wang Xin phone. A lady told reporters voice of the economy, Wang Xin was ill, not answering the phone, as if Nora continues in operation, the lady said No comment.

another big Internet giant Sina, Hwang was revoked because of the "Internet publishing license" and "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit". Affected by this, Sina market capitalization evaporated nearly 1 billion 600 million yuan.

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