love the car wash headquarters deserted 100 employees wages is 2 million

[Abstract] Chen Xu has left the company found that the original set of WeChat and all his QQ group disbanded, also is the main group to pull the black.

Li Junming did not wait to pay, but to wait for the delay in the confirmation of the labor network reporter Wang Weiwei photo

near the end of the year, Li Junming had to part-time, processing labor arbitration things work network reporter Wang Weiwei photo

reporter Wang Weiwei

Beijing, December 14th, 9:40 pm.

off the worn up wool gloves, the foreman took over 10 $10 bills. In the express sorting line to work a day off Li Junming.

100 yuan, this is him for today.


is odd jobs, Li Junming’s salary is a day of settlement, and the bag eats. It also means that every day he has to worry about whether to live tomorrow.

more than half a year ago, Li Junming just came home from Shanxi to Beijing, this is not the case. At that time, he found a "very promising" job: Internet car washing company, I love the car wash car mechanic. From the general manager of the branch to the technician, he took more than 3 months.

was promoted to manager, Li Junming figured that the stable work enough to support his wife and 4 year old daughter. But, since then, for 3 months, he never received a penny from the company wages. So, until the end of October, the company closed down, the boss disappear without a trace.

labor contract, salary payment delay confirmation, Beijing City, Haidian District labor dispute arbitration committee case acceptance notice, Li Junming and his colleagues before clutching a stack of files, which belongs to them thousands of dollars or a few million salary, do not know where……

When the manager

did not receive a salary

in April this year, Chen Xu on the recruitment website to see the car I love to hire teachers training information. He had been engaged in training work was soon hired, and then he went to a training base in Fangshan began to train car wash workers. According to the labor contract, his salary is 6000 yuan per month, and another $500 meal supplement. "Wage income is ok." Chen Xu recalls, at that time the company has just rolled out battle, recruited the first batch of students to wash the car.

but in which Chen Xu did not know, then, the entire O2O car wash industry, has been a good fire for a while, I love to wash the car, apparently slow start.

, like him, also did not know the situation, as well as from Shanxi to Beijing, Li Junming. May 21st, Li Junming to Beijing, Tongzhou District, near a talent market to find a job in the city of Majuqiao. He had just arrived, was a trick car advertisement attracted technicians. At that time, I do not know what is the Internet car wash, the most attractive thing is my work