Watch the scene they gathered net capital chain businesses collective debt


CEO yesterday gathered for Geng cloud breeze, is extremely tough day, he claimed to be the lowest life since, as hundreds of businesses he faced the collective debt.

2 pm yesterday, according to the agreed time, hundreds of businesses with the boss to group purchase website together network headquarters in Beijing Haidian District Danleng Street No. 18 wealth building, most of them from Beijing, Xi’an, Wuhan, from Chongqing and Harbin and other provinces. No reason for him, only to recover arrears.

businesses to move the computer off

The earliest

message from micro-blog came out, the time is 4:05, hunting cloud network immediately rushed to the scene to understand the situation.


rushed to the wealth building layer when he saw some people shouted loudly in the lobby, "late, have light, what things are not getting."

is that businesses are still rushed, hurried to the elevator. In the waiting and take the elevator in the process, will continue to have 5-6 businesses belonging to the newly arrived, and then to the four layer hunting cloud network.

in the four layer of narrow corridors, has gathered a lot of businesses have to move in a computer in the elevator, the majority is holding debt confirmation in discussions to discuss, from time to time on the phone to inform others have been informed of the progress of.


, hopeless businesses in the handling of computer


CEO was the business gathered Geng cloud breeze after

gathered nets front space is extremely limited, there are people back and forth. Within about 500-600 square meters of office space, has been filled with the crowd, the narrow corridor, the basic level of the queue is about to enter. These businesses have only one goal, that is, CEO Geng cloud breeze, wherever he went, there will be a group of businessmen gathered to discuss the statement.

Geng Yunfeng has repeatedly explained that the company has no money, a solution is given to sign a "gathered nets businessman debt confirmation with the business, promised after the funds will be paid. From the performance point of view the scene Geng cloud breeze, attitude is to "sincere", he did not deny the fact that arrears, and has been patiently to the merchant to apologize, and promised to repay.


network gathered merchants display of arrears confirmation

because there is no definite final repayment deadline, collecting network also has so many businesses do not feel the bottom, and continue to stay in debt. After the basic computer being robbed of light, some businesses even guarded the printers, refrigerators and other equipment, avoid the drain.

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