Discuz! X2 plug-in, template development seminar successful conclusion

recently, initiated by the Discuz, the joint blue ideal, Admin5, ChinaZ, PHPChina co sponsored by the template plug-in competition into the countdown stage. The contest to share excellent template plug-ins as the theme, as of today, the Organizing Committee received a total of nearly a hundred entries from all over the country templates and plug-in works. In July 9th, the organizers held a special "Discuz! X2 plugin, template development seminar", by many Discuz! Plugin template developers, programmers.

the lecture is divided into two parts, free speech and questions from Discuz!, plug-in version of the plug-in mechanism introduced compatible techniques, Discuz! X template note angles were explained, and focus on shared Discuz! Plugins and templates of the two classic case (see Appendix). In just two hours of time, speakers and participants developed depth of communication system and Discuz! The integration issues, and the creation of excellent templates, plug-in experience.

is reported that the day of the lecture scene is very hot, a total of about 120 people from enterprises and individuals. The person in charge of Mr. Song said: "the people came to the lecture is relatively rich, programmers, students and IT executives, and about 15% of the participants came from the field over time, some people even take over these works, so we are very touched."


, a Shanghai PHP development engineer said: "the lecture is of great help to me, I itself is Discuz! Super powder, usually the face-to-face communication and learning opportunities, in order to get a deeper understanding of the Discuz! Product and development related knowledge, flight from Shanghai, I hope Discuz can hold a similar lecture. In addition, if you can expand the content of the lecture is even better, such as increasing the background of the two development, template style production techniques."

participants photo nostalgia

Appendix 1, share plug-ins: http://s.discuz.net/thread-2233947-1-1.html

Appendix 2, share template: http://s.discuz.net/thread-2263008-1-1.html

template plugin contest address: http://s.discuz.net/plugin.php? Id=dptrace& action=home