Stationmaster net broadcast Ali push nail battles WeChat millet Note released the top version 3299

1 Cai Wensheng: Angel’s ambition  

A5 Cai Wensheng, one of the pioneering era review: angel investment field of the earliest and most successful entry, he called the most understand the start-up’s Angels! In his eyes, there is eight by the business model, is to rely on the one or two "Nirvana" in the Internet space in a blaze sunshine Avenue, although in a very long time, he was always ignored the existence of the Internet community. Understand the needs of the masses, with the most simple and most direct function to meet the needs of the masses. This is Cai Wensheng’s magic. He thus finds the lowest threshold to intervene, and then seeks the highest value of the harvest.

he did not graduate from high school, do not understand English, do not understand the technology, Mandarin is not standard. But as an angel investor, he has at least a 3 listed companies, including the famous 58 city classified information website. Now, as chairman of the company, he seems to want to start a great company.

2 Ali battles WeChat, "nail" quietly to kill all social enterprises, free…

Ali did not publish this high-profile application. If it is not obvious tips, you will certainly pondering for a long time, can not imagine this is Ali’s social products. The product has broken through the limitations of many traditional enterprise application, and opened up the seamless connection between mobile network and telecom network.


is not old, but Ali did social products almost never become the climate, all social attempts from the desktop era to the mobile era without a large, and devoted efforts have also been behind WeChat, these are indisputable facts. So when the titanium media reporter suddenly found that this has begun to spread in the corporate market, nail, or stunned.

3 Zhongguancun online sale! What is PC IT is dead vertical website next stop?  

IT website has experienced IT vertical age, the age of the Internet, the mobile Internet era, several reincarnation transformation difficult to always make it dead or alive, the next stop will be road where


recently, following the online Zhongguancun CBSi China stripped out of the system, with no more than 500 million valuation was sold after the news yesterday, the former president of CBSi China Wang Lufa internal mail, officially announced his resignation. As a Zhongguancun online, love card network, online auto market, the top network and a series of interactive media, media brand matrix, the change of CBSi also confirms a recurring fact: PC is dead, IT vertical sites in the mobile and the impact of technology, is in transition into trouble.

4 domain heavyweights sell sex education domain name: at least a loss of $800 thousand?  

January 15th hearing, according to overseas media news, foreign well-known domain name investor Mike >