There is no strength away from the VC beauty – after 80 and private VC

      Techweb on the venture team has been looking for venture capital (VC) compared to find the object, and so on, it may be difficult to find objects than.

      all the time, I did not feel so, we have contact with VC had a few, may have a part in our project and invited investment in blue ocean venture meeting saw love network business plan, we believe the information received.

      many webmaster hope me to communicate with VC experience, more than a month, I really don’t have a good evaluation, after all, we don’t have a website known as 8 million registered members then cattle, to much risk investment.

      someone suddenly told me today that this site is the one to get to the LOVE love network matchmaker matchmaking time almost XX gold, I realized that perhaps our business plan may have leaked part of golden ideas.

      however, no, that’s our business plan completed in July, is now positioning business mode and development direction of love are fixed, no see, no copy of what, I do not like Mr. Ma said that, in what I do business with the telescope can not find opponents, but I would like Mr. Ma as these fancy people say crazy, "I never put you as a rival" because I am in the business plan has been thoroughly analyzed that the website is inferior and I said beer foam. For two years, still didn’t make money for investment return. Just don’t raise.

      no, this website only understand plagiarism, from the establishment of a day because of plagiarism and notorious repute. However, it is copied from foreign. Copy to copy, copy to venture capital. Married women like to find a beautiful, gentle and virtuous and social status of the rich, natural to put themselves from top to down to it, then, in the Alexa ranking into the thousands, China website also ranked into 100, also known as the industry self first, hehe. Familiar people know, but that is to.

      today the netizen says its CEO to the media jumped a ring of steel tube dance, immensely proud. I really don’t want to say my prediction is accurate. Coincidentally, today saw I had questioned, and has been criticized for the ALexa station changmen ranking, finally under the ruthless drug, for those who pull to the VC website, but not good news. There are also some of the original site is very cattle, and finally from the consequences of food, it is my sentence that wealth is conserved.

      their ranking plummeted, including this website, I said, "