Double eleven can fire Taobao 38 Life Festival why the temperature

has experienced several years of "double 11" of the event, Taobao shot again on March 8th to create life festival, people really lifted the play waiting for the opening. From February 21st this year, Taobao will begin to test the waters in 38 day national users free food and drink, to uncover the "February 26th Taobao 38 Life Festival" veil, plus sign legs Obama Lee Min Ho and mass line advertising, forming a pre rally nearly half a month. However, the scene is not expected to be rushed to the scene, and even Taobao itself has a sense of powerlessness.

fire is not fire, the first to use data to speak. The life section, Taobao aims to push the main mobile phone Taobao client and mobile life consumption. Since March 2nd and 5, since the beginning of panic buying 3.8 yuan movie tickets and KTV coupons, Taobao mobile phone in the iPhone China region free list ranking stable hovering between 10-15, did not show a significant upward trend compared to last year, had to climb to 11 during the double fifth, double 12 period once occupied the top is inferior by comparison. Look at the Baidu index, since March 1st, in the mobile phone search Taobao frequency also showed a sustained decline in the trend, the amount of single day search less than half of last year’s double 11, PC search volume is basically the same trend. In addition, believe that online shopping Master from the side of wool freaky party party’s performance, the Taobao life festival also failed to disrupt their rhythm, Taobao did not fire up 38 life festival is an undeniable fact.

11 fire, 38 why did not fire? Taobao’s "Festival" mode encountered what? Still play in the mobile terminal and the service life of the business? These problems for several giant in the field of O2O crazy enclosure, should have a sense of concern and is worth pondering.

first, in March 8th this day, Taobao chose the wrong. Double 11 singles and Taobao is not made, but because of the "single" this gimmick is Taobao into the online shopping section, but not limited to bachelor national Carnival to participate in. The same logic in the 38 day does not work, the first to ask now how many women are willing to put themselves in the "women" ranks, light "38" this concept has drawn a lot of banter insufficient negative associations. Even worse is that the double 11 kind of online shopping, through the first half of the month began to wait and see, after half a month no money to buy, the formation of a single day of shopping climax. But the service life of the film focus, KTV and restaurant group purchase, the business cooperation in a single day total service capacity is limited, plus itself makes people for lack of group purchase service quality and congestion confidence, making it difficult to take one or two weeks before and after consumption on the day of March 8th, resulting in 11 double concentrate consumption patterns can not be copied in the field of life services. Taobao is also fortunate that this year 38 day just Saturday, making the business all day long service capabilities have the opportunity to get to play, if you encounter a working day cause consumer focused only on the night, will further weaken the heat consumption, also caused 38 life festival is not like the ten one year form intense, a year more than a year of fire the situation.