The first meeting of the club owners literature industry chain the editor in chief of the digital ag

the afternoon of August 7th, the 18 editor in chief from literature industry chain of different terminals in the literary club owners, to discuss the current digital publishing era of the coming moment, as part of the literature of the industrial chain, how to deal with the digital publication road. The meeting also discussed the current situation and future development of mobile phone reading and handheld readers.

the literature industry chain conference theme covers a very broad, including almost all literature terminal industry chain, Wuhan concert group of film and television companies, salon literature network and publisher network as the representative of the local publishing group, the channel resources force refers to the cloud era, leading to the digital copyright Chinese’s online watch novel network, domestic famous original literary content providers by Sina, huanjianshumeng, under the banyan tree, half the original network, Kyushu, Chinese, in August by the world, as well as the theme of the conference organizers, China most influential internet entrepreneurs club Chinese webmaster club. The theme of the speech and the subsequent discussion of the topic of the end of the session, the collision sparks inspiration, the terminal of the digital publishing era of the arrival of more accurate and in-depth understanding.

according to the official statistics authority shows that mobile phone publishing has a share of the publishing industry 1/4 is raging on this issue, the common participants that mobile phone publishing industry this cake bigger, its foundation is based in expanding the publishing industry of the next few years, mobile phone will be showing a continuous publication the growth trend, the publishing industry share will continue to grow, mobile phone publishing is an important part of the future of the publishing industry, which has no doubt, but said there are already occupy the leading position.

is particularly popular in the electronic paper book phenomenon in recent popular white-collar groups for the industry, (or Ebook phenomenon), participants formed two views: the first is that the paper is only a transitional product, is between the mobile phone and portable computer products, long-term development of the lack of power and the opposition views are based; that paper phenomenon, fits the current China read the crowd streaming, when to read computer or paper reading, has become the past, in the paper, computer, mobile phone reading, reading reading, portable computer handheld reader reading increasingly diverse way of reading, the paper has become one of them, China readers (based on a conservative estimate of huge 3-5 million people), a minority share, which can reach 10 million, therefore, there are still from the handheld reader The great market and potential, especially the function of the handheld reader, is also developing.

in recent years, shrinking the paper publishing industry, especially the issue of newspapers and magazines, participants also conducted a lively discussion. In Shaanxi province by the end of 2008, its "Youth magazine" Wenhui as an example, this magazine in 2003-2006, has been occupying the first position Chinese youth books published at the end of 08, suddenly collapse, the reason, one is after 06 years.