CNN president said social networking sites have posed a huge threat to traditional media

Beijing on March 15th news, according to foreign media reports, whether on the Internet news website will become newspaper terminator is becoming a hot topic on the occasion, President of CNN, said recently that the social networking site has become a huge threat to the cable news agency, cable news media is facing the risk of the loss of a large number of users. Now, the cable news media and social networking sites will become a new topic of discussion.

, according to Agence France-Presse, Jonathan Klein on this issue is no ambiguity. "I’m really scared of social networking sites," he said in a Bloomberg news conference in New York on 2010. Because of them, we are facing the risk of customer churn."

Klein explained at the time: "in Facebook you are regarded as friends, or those who are concerned about Twitter will be your trusted source of information… We want to be the most trusted brand in the news. We don’t want 1000 of the people you care about on Twitter to be your most trusted source of information… So, compared with 2 million people watching our competitors Fox program, I’m more worried about the on the user of the Facebook. "

this means that taking into account the social networking site strength, from now on, CNN anchor will have to spend more time learning Facebook and Twitter, CNN will also have to increase promotional advertising, and launched a new application.

has expressed Klein’s remarks as "social networking site users can easily, or even unconsciously, make a large traditional media company bankrupt."

some people think that CNN has become a commentary, rather than a newspaper and television news channel, they can not be lost due to the Internet, and hope to take effective measures to retain users. (Elite)