The wind was boasted a 8848 catch up with Baidu from eyes

5 years, the planning of the 8848 sites listed, must catch up with Baidu……" The day before yesterday, the 8848 site CEO announced the grand goal of Tang Beiyan company. The biggest risk investment institutions, Sequoia Capital Partners Liu Xing, on the spot poured cold water: "super Baidu listing, you just mentioned, I’m not interested, I can not attract investment."

– the day before yesterday, in the venture investment forum, launched a tit for tat dialogue 8848 website and Sequoia capital.

1972, Sequoia Capital was founded in the United States, entered China in 2005.

Liu Xing said: perhaps Mount Everest 8848 website is a good website, but the introduction of Tang Beiyan does not impress me, I want to hear the new profit model of enterprises, which can solve the gap in the market, what can create value to the users. The so-called listing, but the wind out of the way, not a fancy place.

I think some bold words about the very subtlety, in stationmaster net as an example, before the line, website information and website trading site seems already saturated, but the stationmaster net is not self elevation, create a relaxed environment, to the grassroots webmaster more free space (of course, there is a change. As regards the quality of text links, forum members cancel signature DZ code); Trading Forum by artificial intermediary model, but also to the webmaster bring very convenient, this is before the station do not have, solve a lot of blank webmaster desire. Webmaster network has become a lot of webmaster’s visit to the ground, she gave the user (Adsense) to create value, it is self-evident.