Zhou Hongyi we are fucking rich


commentator @ micro-blog said Kang Guoping looking for a long time to find 360 of our network (qikoo.com), and Ca Zhou Hongyi "your home domain too wonderful, the old week not only" accept ", why not also accused the relevant personnel will switch to the domain name qiku.com and qihu.com, and said" to spend one hundred million to buy back 360.com idle, you fucking money."


: Zhou Hongyi

Pinyin and digital domain as the two major domestic domain, have obvious advantages, qiku.com, qihu.com and 360.com have the characteristics of short, easy to remember, a high degree of recognition, this boutique domain name does not make good use of it a shame? But at least, Qihoo 360 have the good domain.

Pinyin domain local characteristics down to earth

Pinyin domain name as the evergreen tree of domestic domain name investment community, has been enduring its glory, because of our proximity to Mandarin background, with local characteristics, very down to earth, convenient memory and input and other advantages, so loved by the people from all walks of life, and enable the acquisition of phonetic domain case continuously.

taobao.com, Baidu baidu.com, taobao.com search haosou.com, our qiku.com and so the use of Pinyin domain name site, while Lenovo also traced the $10 million purchase of the domain name le.com, is the domain name industry has injected a fresh air, refreshing.


figure: micro-blog screenshot

is the digital domain name industry balm

digital domain name universal, there is no limit to the site, with a wide range of versatility. Create a digital brand more easily than other types of digital domain with the same brand, meet terminal brand is more valuable, so the digital domain as many objects and investors are flocking to the terminal.

37 game 12 million yuan to buy 37.com, the 58 city to create a magical site with 58.com 100.com, nearly 6 million yuan is YY’s 100 acquisition of education and enable the company to buy 3 billion yuan; 360 digital domain name 360.com, Zhou Hongyi himself admitted 360.com brought no small gains for him.

boutique domain name where to buy?


the user’s face, Zhou Hongyi seems to have a modest degree, and shouted to the relevant staff in micro-blog, but Zhou Hongyi’s words from time to time on the release of a signal: hold in the hands of 360 good domain name, you can’t imagine the


Zhou Hongyi can have such confidence, from his qiku.com, qihu.com and 360.com have excellent domain name >