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Shenzhen prices sixteen thousand." 13:55 on July 17th, when users input ch1018 this sentence in his QQ "sharawadgi robot" after several of his friends also saw this sentence, some of the "automatic speaking" in their own home, some in the QQ, while others are in their own mobile phone. This statement also clearly shows the time and source: 10 seconds ago, from QQ".

what are you doing at this moment?" This is a matter of little concern, seems to be creating a new Internet business opportunities.

is the interactive characteristics of Internet and answer to this problem by combining to produce this through mobile phone text messages, chat software (QQ/MSN/GTalk) and Web, the formation of community friends and real-time sharing with friends microblogging service. Seems to be overnight, at home, there are at least 10 similar sites come out. They provide services is not only a capacity of 140 characters (70 characters) of the mini blog, but also between friends and friends to share knowledge and ideas of the place, not only can send through the website content, can also be through instant messaging software MSN, QQ, GTALK, or even through mobile phone. Until now, the service is still faced with four aspects of the problem: vague positioning of the service, it is difficult to control the spread of information, there is no way to imagine the profit model and the market competition.

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– a nagging business


service is the initiator of evil American Twitter.

Twitter Chinese, is probably "complaining", automatic speaking this is regarded as MySpace, YouTube and Facebook has been the most popular website, blog by the founder of Ivan · Williams was launched early last year.

on the Twitter, the user can write anything, through the instant messaging software or cell phone to release information shorter than 140 characters. It is much easier and more convenient than blog, but it has the function of blog. Founder of the "sharawadgi" website Li Zhuohuan analysis said, at least there are several people will use it to write the message: love, grouch, talkative people, love to do records, these people can be a word or two long term storage.

at the same time, in addition to the function of the mini blog, it makes people form a communication network, to achieve the functionality of the SNS. Users can see all their friends on their home page content, as well as chat records. The most exciting is that it forms more closely associated with the IM software and the mobile phone, allowing users to directly use QQ, MSN or mobile phone SMS messages, then these sentences will appear one by one in your own and friends Twit>