Tencent money through the test version of the online account limit deposit 8000 yuan a day does not


Tencent CAITONG test on-line account limit deposit 8000 yuan a day does not exceed one million

NetEase Francisco January 16th news, yesterday evening, Tencent WeChat edition balance treasure CAITONG beta quietly on the line, the 7 day annualized yield of 6.4350%, demand deposits equivalent to more than 16 times, in the stage of trial operation in daily limit to less than 8000 yuan.

funds deposited free of charge

CAITONG rely on WeChat, located in WeChat’s my bank card section, the main mobile platform, so it can not buy through the PC platform caitong.

according to NetEase science and technology to understand, through the financial management of Shenzhen and WeChat money through science and Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as money paid through), Huaxia Fund jointly launched the financial value-added services. Similar to the balance of treasure, the money into the money through, it is equivalent to the purchase of a monetary fund.

According to the current version of the

test CAITONG 7 years of yield 6.4350%, demand deposits equivalent to more than 16 times, CAITONG said in the introduction, every day can be 14-18 times higher than bank savings interest income.

specific income distribution every day, enjoy the interest income is included in the principal, income, and financial support of access to fast arrival.

Monetary Fund over the years from the perspective of income, due to the IMF’s main investment in high liquidity, security of short-term monetary instruments, there is no record of losses.

in terms of the safety of funds, the first is to receive the protection of WeChat account security system, followed by the attention of NetEase technology, financial services through joint PICC to provide payment services.

in the current trial period, the funds deposited into a single card limit of not more than 8000 yuan a day, each financial account funds are not more than $1 million, the fund does not deposit any fees.

to withdraw funds, at present, CAITONG funds can only withdraw cash to my bank card, remove the funds will authenticate to bind the user mobile phone text messages, which, in the trial stage, each account daily transfer amount of not more than 6000 yuan, 3 times out of a day, remove the funds do not charge a fee.

in addition to workers, farmers, China, construction, recruit, Xing and other bank funds out of 2 hours to account, other bank accounts for 1-3 days.

in the calculation of earnings, funds deposited for second working days to start calculating income, encountered holidays, the formula for the calculation of the income (= CAITONG account /10000) * earnings per million fund company announced.

no subsidy income but does not rule out future service charge

in accordance with the current version of the CAITONG, 7 annual yield of 6.4350%, equivalent to more than 16 times the current account.