Jingdong to buy jd.com and 3.cn domestic electricity supplier or set off a short domain name dispute

Admin5 webmaster network June 20th news yesterday, Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong confirmed in Sina micro-blog mall has purchased jd.com and 3.cn short domain name. At present, two domain names have jumped Jingdong mall home. Although Jingdong did not disclose the specific purchase price of two short domain names, but from the short domain name market prices should be cheap. There have also been rumors Jingdong to Beijing state network Sun Meichao acquisition of single digital domain name 3.cn, the price of between 300-500 million. In 2011, Jingdong has acquired jingdong.com Larry domain, the estimated price of not less than 3 million. The ICANN released information indicating that the Jingdong for the mall ".Shop" new top-level domain, but the domain name suffix hot, from a total of 9 enterprises to apply, is expected to take a Jingdong if this domain will cost far more than $185 thousand in cash.

in October last year, Amazon announced the renaming of Amazon China, and start the short domain name Z.cn, jump Ma Xun Chinese official website amazon.cn. Prior to the domestic Internet, there have been a number of short domain name heavy trading: Google acquisition of 265 navigation while acquiring G.cn. Micro-blog Sina 5 million acquisition of high priced T.cn. Million shoe shop price to buy S.cn domain name. Multiple short domain name transactions highlight its application value. .cn short domain is not only simple and easy to remember, but also large Internet Co localization choice. In the brand and user experience has a unique advantage. According to statistics, there are nearly 30 domestic.Cn short domain name was acquired by Internet Co and large companies for the establishment of the site’s brand image and the introduction of traffic. The Jingdong acquired jd.com and 3.cn, will once again set off a short domain name investment wind.

Jingdong in recent years in the field of investment in the domain name. The acquisition of two astronomical short domain name, not only because of the short domain name with the flow of import value, can bring more potential users to Jingdong. Amazon is also affected by China’s acquisition of Z.cn last year. As the two B2C giants, Jingdong and Amazon has been fierce competition. The two sides in the natural domain also not resigned to playing second fiddle. Short domain name for the electricity supplier website, the flow of great value. Brand awareness is also higher. Jingdong to buy jd.com and 3.cn short domain name, the domestic electricity supplier website is likely to appear short domain name acquisition, or set off a short domain name traffic and brand dispute. (text / Yang Yang)