Light luxury website ushered in the winter 3 sites closed down

and tens of million or even tens of thousands of dollars compared to high-end luxury brands, brand positioning in the high-end, the price from several thousand yuan to 10000 yuan light luxury goods are white-collar groups blitz, light luxury websites appeared in large numbers. Recently, the reporter learned through the investigation, interview, from 2009 to now only 3 years, the domestic light luxury website has increased to a total of forty or fifty. However, the most popular web site at the same time, there are some sites due to funding strand breaks and towards the end, the last two months there have been 3 light luxury site has closed, closed. Just the rise of the light luxury website, really have to "dead end"?



all 3 years born forty or fifty website

reporter learned that light luxury refers to the price of a few thousand dollars to a million yuan in high-grade goods, is not like the fast fashion brand as a street brand, the price ratio of LV, Gucci and other international brands cheaper. At present, the domestic light luxury website sales of products, including international brands of discount merchandise and two or three line brand of goods.

light luxury brand positioning is generally high-grade, ordinary white-collar workers can afford." Light luxury site CEO Hong Xiaobo told reporters that the site was founded in December 2008, sales of less than 10 brands are LV, Gucci and other international brands, but the operation just passable. In March 2009, the website will focus from international brands to two or three line brand, and the types of business to diversified development, the main light luxury sales, less than 3 years, has 4 million 500 thousand members, 2011 sales revenue exceeded 1 billion yuan.

and journalists from other light luxury site LuxeHome network learned that the site every 10 thousand new registered users, monthly turnover of more than 20 million yuan.

light luxury website for consumers how attractive? Zhang Man, a staff member of a state-owned bank in Shapingba, told reporters that the main purpose of her online shopping is to save money. "Thousands of dollars of bags are more expensive, but the quality of the brand is guaranteed, but also reflects the quality and grade of life." Zhang Man told reporters, although it is almost a month to buy a bag to spend her salary, but she felt that this consumption is very cost-effective, not to mention the online price has played a very low discount".

World Luxury Association 2010 ~ 2011 China luxury behavior trend report shows that the majority of Chinese consumers to buy luxury goods at the age of 25 to 40 years, of which white-collar workers accounted for 70%. Hong Xiaobo said: there is a certain economic strength and the absolute desire to consume white-collar workers, is becoming the main light luxury consumption."

reporter learned in the interview, there is the ability to support the development of white-collar workers in the light of the development of luxury sites, in turn, can firmly grasp the white-collar groups of light luxury website, so that many network