Handle this for two years group purchase bubble to system from the wilderness was low

[introduction] this year industry changes like the group purchase group purchase website, similar to 24 coupon and disappear, Baidu holdings also make glutinous rice industry into the "group purchase competition of family background" era. Fortunately, a little bit, the handle survived, the track is still in the forefront of the industry to buy the group.


Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on January 6th

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China group purchase websites have fate handle such ups and downs: the establishment of more than a year will be able to get a total of $166 million in the 3 round of financing, then start listing plan with vigour and vitality, and ultimately fail on the verge of success, the fate of a sudden turn for the worse.


2012 is a dark time: lashou sprint IPO plans failed, the company founder, downsizing wave Wu Jian Zhang retreat, CFO left the company, significantly reduced advertising, more serious is the U.S. group, public comment and other opponents took the opportunity to grab market share group purchase, handle from the market leader into the pursuers.

for a long time, handle are badly hurt, "deep healing, silent silence on the market. The two group purchase industry enormous changes, similar to the 24 other securities group purchase site disappeared, Baidu holdings also make glutinous rice industry into the "group purchase competition of family background" era. Fortunately, the handle survived, and keep track of the industry in the buy track.

handle is a classic story of Chinese Internet startups. When the rocket like growth, but the lack of fine management to handle a profound lesson. Handle a senior said, the current should handle at each stage, each cycle again carefully replay strategy, including the issue of where, what kind of problem, achieve what kind of goal, avoid setbacks encountered early in hand.

after experiencing the peak and trough, the past two years, the handle has also undergone some adjustments, the most important thing is to institutionalize the company to enhance operational efficiency. 2014 will enhance the level of service as a top priority, with this expansion of the management process optimization, operational support systems and wireless product layout, looking for opportunities to bend overtaking.

handle in the past: fine management missing

is used in hand group purchase industry leaders, within 8 months of the 3 round of financing, the rapid expansion of people from dozens to thousands of people, in the country of nearly more than and 200 city. However, the original management of the lack of adequate management experience, coupled with the early fierce competition to buy, we consider more innovation, go forward and direction, the company did not pay too much attention to the operation, for the subsequent development of hidden dangers.


staff to handle the Tencent of science and technology of memories, in the most glorious time, handle the establishment of "Bole Award", every successful recommended one to join in hand, give to certain cash rewards. However, due to the expansion needs, for a long time, almost all of the recommendations have been refused, every day a lot of people waiting in line to enter the post. Some grassroots managers can give the team self compensation.

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