Do fashion polanwang not easy to waste collection site said of an aged person


a number of college students founded the waste network in a unique way to promote.  

the new network in Zhejiang on 5 June, with waste collection, most people will immediately associate the worn tricycle, shouting in a small alley "polanwang". Since 4 years ago China appeared first "waste collection network", in the past 2 years, there have been new waste collection online line, young, highly educated fashionable polanwang, subverting the traditional ideas of people, more and more people began to accept this convenient collection of waste.

but what about the days of collecting waste? Reporter survey found that not every good idea will have a perfect ending. Internet search, the national each big city almost all waste collection network, but most of them are neglected, not updating some pages for several months, some traffic pitifully small, many waste collection network did not open the page…… Good ideas do not necessarily have the money king, only to find one of their own path of development, in order to truly "treasure".

to do a fashionable junk king is not easy

two successful atypical samples

"since we opened the first waste collection network, Suzhou has opened seven or eight, but still runs the scanty." Suzhou heaven network founder Li waste collection Kaibo said they also because of the continuous transformation and updating, to adhere to today.

Ningbo China waste network CEO Li Youzhou, because of their unique creativity, has been eyeing several VCs, and is currently being discussed. Other entrepreneurs to venture in droves, he has to seek venture capital only in website development and help, only within the scope of consideration.

tens of thousands of calls to open the market

"please don’t call it a waste network, call it an intermediary." CEO Li Youzhou, a Ningbo based Chinese waste network, joked that their main source of income was membership fees and service charges. In 2004, he started to 100 thousand yuan, in a less than 20 square meters of the small house founded the Chinese waste network. Because of geographical restrictions, those entities must not be able to get rid of waste network." Thus, at the beginning, he put his own waste collection network to provide professional information collection and disposal of information, identification services website.

, for example, my site every day to provide new scrap prices, both foreign and domestic futures index and interest rate changes, but also consider the market around." In order to establish their market "database", Li Youzhou gave a lot of related businesses across the country call, to persuade the other party to become their own "market partners", to provide timely, free and get around the scrap market. "At the beginning, I have played tens of thousands of phone calls, not a few companies promise. Some have not listened to my call." Now, the waste of China’s scrap quotes have been quite authoritative, some companies even the procurement of raw materials have to look at our prices, then make a decision." >