t has three large companies by the group purchase group purchase fell into the pit into a black hol

buy not only crazy adsorption of their cash, but also so that the original focus of the company’s steady development of the center of gravity, into a loss, or even delayed the IPO

today we know, buy electricity supplier with the same pit father business. But can be seen at that time is easy to use, low threshold, many entrepreneurs believe that as long as their own circle of money, speed, on the scale, you can spell out. Groupon in the rapid expansion of the ocean is so fascinating, it created a model not only startup model, also strongly inspired some have been acquiring considerable business flow, but have not realized the large-scale company.

for example, we have to see the public comment network, Renren, 58 city. Their group buying business in June 2010 almost simultaneously on-line.

in fact, these companies want to borrow the group purchase leap, and fell into the pit. Buy like a black hole, not only crazy adsorption of their cash, but more importantly, so that the original focus of the company’s steady development of the center of gravity, into a loss, or even delayed the IPO. Two years down, they must re-examine this business, as well as their own in the transformation of the development concept is not a problem.

58 city group purchase: the synergistic effect

coveted localization platform

as one of the largest classified information website, 58 city’s main business is to achieve through localization. Buy food and entertainment included, it is an effective supplement to its inherent online information publishing business, coupled with the time to buy the business is too hot, eager to share a cup of 58 city will be put into this piece of red sea.

was just want to occupy a pit, and so little initial investment, but the market is changing too fast and Yao Jinbo himself didn’t think well, but did not expect the United States Mission and instantly handle up, want to throw money when they found that big 58 was too late." One has left the 58 city employees Wang Qiu (a pseudonym) recalls.


58 "slow". It is understood that the most popular in the period of the 58 city group purchase group purchase, but is also a team of about 1000 people, accounted for only about 16% of the total number of employees, so the overall revenue over the same period the company did not have great influence to the group purchase. 58 buy into very carefully, the withdrawal is also very cautious, should not lose money." This is peer evaluation of the 58 city group.

Wang Qiu also confirms the above statement: "even when the worst of the 58 group purchase gross profit is to have 9 points, the loss is very limited, this is definitely one of the top in the peer, because 58 is one family had lower gross margin of the company, cost control experience played a great help."

but the company still has to be responsible for the shareholders, in the hands of IPO plans to terminate, Groupon shares fell, with the concept of buying IPO is difficult to obtain recognition of the capital market. Yao Jinbo is determined to buy