Ma Yun repeated setbacks entrepreneurial dreams

not ordinary juvenile

when I was 12 years old, I became interested in learning english. Every morning, no matter the wind and rain, I would like to ride a bike for 40 minutes, to a small hotel in Hangzhou, West Lake to learn English, this is the study of the past 8 years. At that time, China has gradually opened to the outside world, many foreign tourists to Hangzhou tourism. I used to be a free tour guide for them, taking them around to practice English at the same time, the 8 years of study has changed me deeply. The knowledge that foreign visitors bring to me is very different from what I have learned from my teachers and books. I am beginning to have a more global perspective than most people.

another thing that made me radical change happened in 1979. I met a family from Australia, the family has two children, we played together for three days, and later became a pen pal. In 1985, they invited me to go to Australia during the summer vacation, so I went there for 31 days in July. Before I went abroad, I thought China was the richest and happiest country in the world. When I arrived in Australia, I found out that I was not right.

repeated setbacks

I took the college entrance examination three times, was the worst in Hangzhou, Hangzhou Normal University admission. In college, I was fortunate to become president of the student union, and later became president of the Federation of university students in Hangzhou. But then, my future is basically in the delineation of the middle school English teacher. When I graduated, I became the only teacher of more than 500 graduates to teach in a university. My salary is RMB 100~120 yuan per month, equivalent to 12~15 dollars.

in my 5 years of teaching, I have always dreamed of working in a company, such as a restaurant or something. I just want to do something. In 1992, the business environment began to improve, I applied for a lot of work, but no one wanted me. I have applied for the position of general manager of Kentucky Fried Chicken, but was refused.

went on in 1995, I went to Seattle as a trade delegation interpreter. A friend showed me the Internet for the first time. We search for the word "beer" in YAHOO, but did not find any information about Chinese, we decided to create a website, and registered the name "Chinese.".

I borrowed $2000, created this company, I was on a personal computer and email I even did not come into contact with utterly ignorant of, keyboard. That’s why I call myself a blind man riding a blind horse". We compete with China Telecom for about a year, the general manager of China Telecom is willing to contribute $185 thousand, and we set up a joint venture. I’ve never seen so much money. Unfortunately, the China Telecom held five seats on the board of directors of the company, and my company has only two seats, each event we suggest they have refused, it is like an ant and an elephant game, there is no room for any. I decided to quit alone. At that time, I got a offer from Beijing, responsible for the operation of a purpose