Ministry of industry to determine the key work in 2017 the depth of the implementation of network sp

[TechWeb] December 27th news, the national industrial and information work conference held in Beijing yesterday. The meeting summed up the work of the 2016, next year will be in-depth network speed down fees.


according to the report of the meeting, in 2016 China’s speed drop charges has made significant progress: more than 430 billion yuan investment, network city basically completed all cities nationwide, broadband users accounted for 72%, 4G users exceeded 700 million; 3 new direct Internet backbone network bandwidth, the new expansion of 950G; the average access the rate of fixed broadband reached 2 times at the end of 2015, fixed broadband and mobile unit bandwidth flow average tariff level decreased further. The Internet based management of the special action, the disposal of illegal websites 2329, shutting down illegal voice line 23 thousand, 400 number 675 thousand, under the frame number changing software and products more than 1 thousand and 700, the full realization of phone users real name registration.


for the new plan next year, the main focus of the implementation of the network speed down fees". In 2017 the country to achieve the city family with 100Mbps (100) optical access capability, part of the city to provide 1Gbps (Gigabit) ultra high bandwidth services, more than 80% administrative village fiber to the village; complete the Internet bandwidth expansion 1000G, 3 new Internet backbone direct point; more than 30 thousand administrative villages broadband upgrade. To the broadband network covering 8000 poor villages; vigorously promote the 5G technology product development as well as the standard and the maturity of the industry chain, to complete the two stage integrated technical scheme of collaborative testing, the domestic industry to promote the development of a unified international standard 5G.


finally, next year will achieve the international standard of 5G networks, the continued implementation of the network speed down fees, and to provide users with better services to combat fraud SMS behavior, to create a good information environment.