Do four years wise remark of an experienced person

      I am a personal station train station.. of course is much smaller than now. 4 in the evening. Is a sleepless night.

      the first contact site is the winter playing legend SF met inside GM, often called BEYOND. in chat so very good relationship, which later became a 2 level management, to help him take care of SF,

      according to the needs of the time, to be a legendary SF page. He asked if I could say, I do not know, because I was learning civil engineering. I thought that he did not understand the website, did not expect him 1 hours to do one out, just know later he is a network engineer, the legend of the SF home page, I slowly have interest, but because of his time, with little time to give me guidance, thus began my career network

      I started I didn’t know what to do in the space above the Baidu homepage. When looking for the 3 night, found ANY2000, felt indescribably happy, I registered for a play. For those who cannot read things slowly grope. Something like more than and 10 days to fully understand the use of methods that he will be typing the website..

      see one day someone’s personal website. Very beautiful. I think why should I use someone else’s function, there are so many restrictions, I began to do it yourself, but what I do not understand, understand a few simple HTML, how to make the rolling text how to add time what.. in Baidu to find a personal homepage program, start slowly. Remember that the modification of the road program or HTML. Should not call a program. To be exact HTML template. But I also used for exciting.. don’t know how many of these things. Computer virus in the


      see someone else’s personal homepage are many columns. So I also slowly add columns. But I encountered a problem. Then send an article will need to add a HTML page. That’s too much trouble. And then make a phone call to ask the master then. Just know to ASP. This can confuse me. In order to know what is the ASP.2

days without sleep.

      slowly began to ASP+ACC road. Is modified for students. Others the entire station program change the station name, for a few pictures. But I am still very happy. At least I slowly in progress. ASP did not expect this monster to space can be used. This can make me anxious looking at Baidu. Free space is really hard. I finally found a 50M of free space.