Tencent to implement the first batch of ten WeChat disposal of a total of eight kinds of violations

xinhuanet.com August 29 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Luo Yufan) 29 reporter learned from the state Internet Information Office, the "Interim Provisions of the instant communication tool of public information service development management" (the industry referred to as the "WeChat ten") after the release, the requirements on self correction control of Tencent Inc, recently told the national network information office submitted the first batch of WeChat public account list.

It is reported that

, "WeChat ten" since the release of the Tencent Inc to conduct a comprehensive sort of WeChat public account, and there are fake social institutions and the name of the media, dissemination of pornographic information, involving violence and terrorism, false advertising, fabricate spread rumors, undermining national unity, slander others, infringe personal privacy and other eight categories of violations the public accounts has taken measures to deal with. Including suspend account update 7 days, 15 days, 30 days, 90 days and permanent closure, etc.. As of August 25th, a total of 311 public accounts to suspend the update, the permanent closure of public accounts of the 46.

according to Tencent Inc, the first public account of the permanent closure of the Zhejiang news due to false information released by the media agencies are closed. The public account claiming to be determined by the State Council News Agency local news platform, Zhejiang’s only provincial key news WeChat. "The authority of the media, the public website" as the basic orientation, content and business strength has leapt to the forefront of national local network media "by netizens to report and verify that the account is a false account of the fraudulent use of news website account in the name of long-term public release false information. Double sweet remember, Ace 8, etc. due to the release of a large number of pornographic pictures, old wet paper, etc., due to the release of a large number of vulgar text is permanently closed.

National Network Information Office official said, "the service and use of WeChat ten" for instant communication tools service providers and users of the specification, to engage in public information service activities made clear management requirements through instant communication tools. Tencent list of the first batch of public accounts is a major step in the implementation of the main responsibility for the implementation of enterprise management. From the disposal list, there are more violations of the business class public accounts issue.

it is understood that the network letter office is actively guiding the implementation of the real identity of the public account information and the registration of public accounts and other classified filing work. With the advance of the work, the public account is expected to further spread the order specification.