WeChat is sitting on 806 million monthly active users Tencent dominate the nternet social networkin

Tencent’s quarterly earnings report, which confirms its ambition for a field: from social to games, to music, and even urban life.

this afternoon, Tencent announced the second quarter and interim results as of June 30, 2016.

the data show that Tencent’s total revenue of 67 billion 686 million yuan (about $102.07), an increase of 48%. Revenue was 27 billion 727 million yuan (about $4 billion 148 million), an increase of 43%, but operating margin decreased from 42% to 41%.


WeChat: Tencent an important piece of pie

Tencent announced a number of business, WeChat’s performance is still eye-catching.

WeChat and WeChat combined monthly active users in the quarter reached 806 million, an increase of 34% over the same period last year.

this growth related to WeChat’s user strategy. Before, most users are defined as an ordinary WeChat chat tool. However, with the adjustment of Tencent’s product strategy, WeChat communications applications in the functional changes.

WeChat penetration in the office area is also gradually deepening. Currently, the number of registered users for the work of WeChat communications companies have more than 20 million. With the user’s perception and changes in the use of habits, WeChat can also use the office application of this definition to get greater growth.

thanks to the growth of WeChat Tencent, online advertising revenue grew 60%, reaching 6 billion 532 million yuan, and the benefits of advertising revenue increased 80%, reached 3 billion 697 million yuan, while the two growth mainly reflected in the advertising circle of friends.


referred to the future plan, Tencent said they will further enrich the city’s WeChat service functions, these cities will be covered by the three or four tier cities, to further expand the service side. Also, they will cooperate with the business entity, through the WeChat "card" function entity electronic membership card, make WeChat more integration of business functions, but also can increase the user’s activity in the life scenes, so as to further expand the active user groups.

ride live with video gale: QQ space a slight increase of

since WeChat’s hot circle of friends, the user’s concern about the decline in QQ space. Can be seen from this quarter’s results, QQ space monthly active accounts reached 652 million, compared with the same period last year fell by 1%. This data also reflects the heat of the QQ space is not as good as the previous results.

, however, the number of smart terminals in QQ space monthly active accounts grew over the same period last year >