F group and Peng merge holding a hot new GroupNet domain name

F group announced at sina micro-blog, the company officially changed its name to "Beijing Wangluo life science and technology limited company" English named GroupNet, and merged with Groupon, the new company will become a "one-stop multi platform" group purchase enterprises. For a time, the new company’s domain name became the focus.

according to the whois query, English name domain name: groupnet.com/cn/com.cn/net have been registered, and domain name groupnet.com was first registered in August 1997, has 15 years of registration history. Only the domain name groupnet.com.cn held by the F group, other domain names are in the hands of domain name investors.

and there are a lot of friends worried about the original site of two sites: ftuan.com and gaopeng.com. According to previous reports, F group and high friend as different positioning of independent sub brand, retain their original domain, the merger does not affect the domain name.

F group, also known as "mission", is now changed to "F round and round with quality", is China’s leading quality of life buy site. Every 24 hours, in a business district, the introduction of a living consumer group. Covers the delicacy, movie tickets, theaters, bars, hair body, KTV, sports and fitness consumption of a wide variety of places.

Gaopeng, the group purchase website Groupon and the originator of joint venture Tencent Chinese Groupon group purchase station, launched on February 15, 2011.