Topic the acquisition of Nora daily lust The ticket price xiangeqing affordable

A5 webmaster network ( July 9th news, Nora recently is a storm constantly, from the penalty of 260 million to be revoked value-added telecommunications business license, and then to the acquisition of rumors can be described as making headlines!

now the most powerful way to acquire Nora xiangeqing. Concern at the same time more curious is a restaurant had to buy a video technology company, this is the eight pole not hit a? But it also makes it more whirling


according to public information, in May this year, xiangeqing with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of computing technology signed a "cooperation agreement" joint laboratory network of new media and big data, agreed to jointly establish a joint network of new media and big data laboratory". In the new media business, xiangeqing had been on the acquisition of CTV wonderful, flute female television companies. At the same time, xiangeqing launched a $3 billion 600 million financing plan, mainly for investment in new Internet media market.

fast self purification action network has suffered heavy losses, not only is a value-added telecommunications business license revoked, the website has been unable to open, but also suffered huge penalties for 260 million yuan, that our internal shouting can not afford, can not afford to pay all closing for sale, and if the news is true then this is not out of hand xiangeqing Dzogchen


according to Phoenix Finance reported previously, xiangeqing Nora are in contact with the company, a wholly owned closeted acquisition of the latter, has been basically settled, after the completion of the acquisition will also broadcast into both to the laboratory network of new media to build under the flag. June 30th xiangeqing specifically for this release to clarify the announcement that the Nora company itself and the company did not discuss matters over the acquisition of equity interest in the company, there is no third party or by a joint commission of any third party company to negotiate with Nora over the company equity matters.

but some people doubted that although xiangeqing said no company itself is not with Nora talk, but this does not mean that the subsidiary is not about xiangeqing. According to the first financial daily reported that a number of labor contracts and Nora end employees have been with the cat Technology Company re signed a labor contract, and CAT technology is a joint venture company xiangeqing newly established two months ago. However, whether by xiangeqing CAT technology for fast implementation of mergers and acquisitions is still can make nothing of it. It is very easy to fall into a reverie is


for xiangeqing acquisition Nora it whether the parties did not come out, carrying 260 million fines Nora certainly want to be just 260 million, and not a small number of

in xiangeqing may hesitate!

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