Google and Yao Ming spend millions of dollars to second investment Jujing music network


agent Yao Ming Zhang Mingji (left) another identity is chairman of Jujing music network. In March 15, 2006 Zhang Mingji and Chen Ge Jujing CEO (in) attended the Top100 launch ceremony.

The digital music publisher Yao Ming

investment Jujing music network (hereinafter referred to as the whale) and get an amount of millions of dollars of investment.

company CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Chen Ge said last month the whale official from Google and Yao Ming second investments amounted to millions of dollars; and as the initial investor whale, Yao Ming’s investment of about one million dollars.

Chen Ge did not disclose the specific amount of investment Google. The specific number of investment inconvenience revealed that the amount of investment in the previous round of Google little difference." Chen Ge said that after this round of investment, Google is still only Jujing small shareholders.

Jujing music network founded by Chen Ge in 2005, start-up capital is the sports star Yao Ming and his agent, Zhang Mingji invested $3 million. Zhang Mingji another identity is chairman of Jujing music network.

2008, Google Chinese for $7 million, with the launch of Google Jujing cooperation music products. March 30, 2009, the two sides for mainland users to launch genuine music search. This is Google’s first attempt in the world of music search service. The specific mode of cooperation, Google search technology and platform to the whale, the user input a song or singer name in Google web search, can jump directly to the Top100 music links.

Chen Ge said that in addition to Google capital operation, mainly providing the technology for the whale, and the whale is the phase of the Google Android operating system in the mobile phone, PC, Internet and other terminal market potential.

it is worth noting that, at present, Google has withdrawn from China, Google Chinese music search is also in a state of paralysis.

"through the Google search for whale really brings a part of the flow, the withdrawal of Google in the short term will indeed bring some influence to the whale’s flow, but this is temporary." Chen Ge said, at present already and whale happy net, and other more than and 20 companies were channels of cooperation, the future does not rule out the music and other search engines, possibly even the introduction of independent music search. In addition, Chen Ge said that cloud computing is developing based on Jujing music products, will also be launched at the end of this year.