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A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) January 20th news, yesterday (19 May) Sogou Sogou search mobile terminal officially released in the end of the year, mainly local life, scan code parity, WeChat headlines of the top three features of the 3.

version of Sogou search APP support WeChat account login, user identification and automatic classification of interest in reading, adding tags, on reading the contents of personalized recommendation, the collection and sharing of social support for WeChat.


said, Sogou search mobile client 3 on-line WeChat headlines, get support from Tencent, through Sogou search on WeChat big data analysis and application, through WeChat login, identity label, intelligent recommendation and sharing, allowing users to focus their interest in the massive WeChat quickly find the contents of the public number in, get personalized reading experience. This is also to some extent, with the introduction of micro-blog account login APP headlines today launched a competition.

Public information from the official WeChat

, now WeChat’s total number of public number has more than 5 million 800 thousand, the average daily increase of the number rose from last year’s 8000 to 15 thousand, the production of high quality content a lot every day, while Sogou search mobile client 3 "launched WeChat headlines, is effectively activate the massive high-quality content to settle WeChat platform on, but also directly increase the thickness of Sogou mobile search content"".

industry insiders believe that, nowadays, the search engine in precision matching, intelligent exploration has made a major breakthrough. The next generation of search engine, if can realize intelligent and personalized recommendation, not only is the polymerization of customized content, and can help the user to mining the potential interest, will give the search engine to bring new development opportunities.

in terms of life services, Sogou search is docking industry service providers, access to 17 kinds of life categories, including the city of 58, public comment and elong, as well as the 2 million 200 thousand merchants. At the same time Sogou shopping search provides scan code parity service, allegedly covering 230 million users.

Wang Xiaochuan said, "now we can do more, competitors can not be achieved, contribute to the layout of the mobile search Sogou difference further, so as to realize the strategic goal of holding mobile search positive battlefield initiative."

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