P2P when can pick running black hat nvestors should choose

A5 venture network reports: in 2016, P2P net loan industry regulatory rules will be officially landed, P2P platform exit mechanism will become the focus.

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net loan eye in the data, in 2015, the trade volume of more than one trillion, from the trading volume, P2P has become a most important layout of the Internet financial.

however, at the same time, in 2015 there were a total of 950 network investment and financing platform problems, an increase of 221%, more than a new platform to increase the issue platform. Involving hundreds of billions of funds, more than 1 million investors in the mine.

, according to incomplete statistics, nearly two months have been checked or be out of network investment and financing platform have problems including greatly group, An Hao holdings, the financial industry, agriculture, finance, capital city Huika dozens of century.

some time ago the network lending campus massacre, people thought.

network lending platform in college barbaric growth has exposed a huge loophole in this industry, if not effectively regulated, there may be more similar tragedies in the future.

not only that, running phenomenon also frequently appear.

in particular, some time ago the Internet is very fire, known as the history of the most arrogant foot notice.

photo of Liu Yongxin is xinliyuan founder, from the content of his watch in addition to admit xinliyuan scam run away, but also openly challenge the various media, financial company, public security officers and other persons, and the arrogant tone. In this connection, I landed xinliyuan official website, but has been in a closed state, and in June 10, 2015, WeChat public xinliyuan has stopped more. So, the figure of the "xinliyuan run away announcement" we are unable to verify its authenticity.

although Liu Yongxin came forward to clarify is not their hair, but it does not seem to have much effect.

what kind of platform is worthy of our trust?


the existing banking system P2P platform is divided into three modes: one is the bank self P2P platforms, such as China Merchants Bank small business e home contractor bank pony bank; two new investment shares by a subsidiary of P2P company as a platform independent, open the country to set up financial; three is the bank where the group has established an independent P2P the company, as a platform of Ping An group.


listed companies to set up P2P platform has certain industrial advantages, especially in the end of the project and financial support, according to incomplete statistics, there are more than 60 listed companies through self, acquisitions, equity participation in the form of net loan industry, the amount of investment from millions of dollars to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Department of state owned

Department of state owned P2P platform from the birth of the moment comes with aura +