QQ domain name mailbox to upgrade each QQ account to bind up to 5 domain names

in September 28th, we made an update to the domain name mailbox again:

1 supports a QQ binding domain name of 5.

2 supports modifying the administrator account name.

3 lifted the limit of the length of the domain name 20

4 increased by setting the SPF record, to prevent the interception side of the problem.

5 other: the optimization of the MX record setting process, to help you more convenient to set up an increase of the domain name of the set of more help to optimize the domain name mail cancellation process, etc..

supports up to 5 domain names per QQ account.


to support the administrator to modify the account name, if necessary, please modify the "member management".

supports members to write off their own account. Others assigned to your domain name email account, if it is no longer required, in the "Settings" – "account" for cancellation.

supports setting SPF records. In order to prevent the domain mailbox by the other error bar, suggest that you set the SPF record. Please see here.