By 12306 booking page, talk about how to improve the accessibility of the user experience


as "irreplaceable", too many of the obstacles it brings to us, from the beginning of the difficult access to the later hard to pay, now 12306, for normal users, the improvement is very gratifying. But for the blind, things are far from being solved.

in the "how to do the blind recognition of barrier free Internet products," I mentioned how the blind access to the web page and their habits. But this kind of proposal basically can not reach 12306 such sites.

so there is no way to help such a group for a long period of time, I was confused and lost on such a similar problem?. However, there are always smart people and practitioners, I accidentally discovered such a plug-in page-access-helper (Web accessibility assistant):


He used the

Firefox plugin greaseMonkey is extended to solve 12306 of the registration, booking, refund the three key functions. Can be said to be a minimally invasive surgery to solve a major disease".

analysis of this tool development ideas, to solve the problem of accessibility of Web site information accumulation has a great role!

1 identifies the main function of

is a web site, regardless of the production, developers are not their own, if he have on-line operations, and to start re production development, so only to upgrade local solutions to accessibility issues. Barrier free repair and functional development similar to the need to develop priority, priority to solve the most important problem for users. In 12306 cases, registration, booking, refund is obviously a must be solved and three main functions in order to solve, these three functions to achieve accessibility it can solve most of the problems of blind users.

2 optimize critical path

A. over the "unimportant feature"


if a screen reader users to find the ticket reservation / link, usually by more than 20 times the Tab key to arrive, if accidentally missed or focus in other locations, you need to traverse the press Tab one by one, for such an important time for the first goal (when the fight is the ticket reservation the function of time). It is clear that such a link makes the screen reader users lost in the starting line".

After installing the accessibility barrier,

plugin, the main link to add a shortcut key, regardless of where the current focus, as long as the alt+shift+z can find registration, ticket, refund link. For this shortcut