Tens of millions of dedicated blessing because the fault is not issued Alipay administrative micro-b

news February 8th, five of Alipay’s "big red" has been drawing large red envelope is indeed some heart. At the same time, there are rumors on the Internet said that Alipay was planning to send tonight about 10000000 "professional blessing", Alipay is now officially on the matter of administrative micro-blog rumor.

don "professional blessing" because of the fault is not issued Administrative micro-blog emergency rumor


tonight on the network rumors, Alipay put 60 thousand tonight at 8 (Jing Yefu), 9 points 360 thousand, 10 is 2 million 160 thousand, 11 is 12 million 960 thousand dedicated Fu, a total of 16 million or so dedicated Fu, a total of 215 million equally, the average person can be divided into 13.5 yuan." At the same time out and suspected Ali Alipay internal dialogue group, said tonight because of a fault and about 10000000 "professional blessing" did not send out.

and Alipay administrative micro-blog official rumor, said "[five] lottery issued a total of 826888 professional blessing, by the end of 791405, buddy assembly of Wufu, split the 215 million red envelopes of cash to 271.66 yuan per person." And said "about Wufu, if you see these screenshots (ALI Alipay internal dialogue group), please do not believe that they are false."

so far, Alipay "Wufu big red" campaign has ended, but then, between Alipay and WeChat red wars will also be announced the outcome, you may wish to look forward to.