The difference between the new location and outdated forum webmaster Facebook and webmaster Club

Behind the times and will not go to commercialization, at least so far the fish have no idea, we do not think the commercialization has been too much?In fact,

is webmaster club rooms, some of my friends love the small circle of small a few people sit together;

in the forum, the couple is not easy to get the response, the ordinary individual easily ignored, valuable exchanges sink too fast;

in the club, everyone is the master, the point-to-point communication, so everyone will pay attention to the quality of communication;

outdated webmaster forum mode and webmaster club mode in the future will always co-exist, to meet the different needs of friends.

the laggards webmaster club


after all of the integral station according to a certain ratio can be converted into integral webmaster forum, that is out there will be a new way.