Joyes significant adjustment policy forum closed today

July 5, 2010, Joyes issued an important announcement on the website home page and forum a prominent position as shown in figure


notice as follows:

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users respect:

Hello, we are very sorry to announce that, for policy reasons, Joyes in July 9, 2010 18 (Friday) to close the mobile phone game player the club in addition to the transaction area outside the forum all. Mobile phone game player the club I stay with you through the 7 years period, brings us the joy of many, but for the long-term development of the site, we had to reluctantly decided at the same time, Joyes will continue to develop more community service more interesting to meet everyone’s needs, mobile phone answering machine to play, resource sharing and so on new SkyDrive the service will meet you. Forum closure related issues are as follows:

1 is now open mobile phone forum, users will need to post backup (click after landing into my fish – see your post management posts);

2 users are more concerned about the "trading zone" will be retained, and will in the next stage and "mobile phone book", "Ken baodianpian" composed for new channels, to continue to provide diversified services for the netizens for


3 after the forum closed all attachments will be deleted (trading area except), if you need to backup the relevant documents, can choose to upload it to your mobile phone to catch SkyDrive (;

4 forum closed Joyes does not affect other services, you can still use the original account to access the SkyDrive mobile phone, personal space, fish resources and other service channels;

5 to retain the "Joyes official friends exchange group", welcome to join the group of 1: group of 362091352:;

Reminder: 6

mobile phone can also catch fish on

Thank you again for

users support Joyes



operations team

July 5, 2010

Joyes similar problems is not the first time, in 2009 from the beginning of February 6th, many users reflect Joyes unable to log in, the official did not respond, but simply that the site was dealing with illegal content.

this is a netizen posted in February 17, 2009 post:

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fish telepresence closed


since February 6th, many mobile phone users mobile phone website will not login > Joyes