National nternet information office to investigate a number of blackmail and impose exactions on si Beijing 13 September Xinhua reporter learned from the state Internet Information Office, a number of educational institutions, blackmail and impose exactions on websites and fake news media websites and micro blog account has recently been investigated and shut down. In these are dealt with closed website, micro blog account, "China anti-corruption report", "China News Network rights" 14 "fraud, blackmail and impose exactions on site, the Central South University network", "reference house" and other 21 fake educational institutions, news media website, micro blog account more than 4 thousand false and fake CCTV interviews "and well-known media personalities, well-known presenters in the name. A number of illegal personnel involved in illegal public relations personnel have been suspected of criminal offenses, law enforcement agencies are being investigated. This year, the national Internet Information Office has accumulated and closed blackmail and impose exactions on site more than and 130.

according to the national Internet information office network news Coordination Bureau of the person in charge of the state Internet Information Office attaches great importance to the fight against fraud, report to the public and the blackmail and impose exactions on the website, the relevant departments of the clues are checked, as long as there is any website published by negative information for "sponsorship fee", "hush money" and "advertising" behavior, will be severely punished according to the law, give off, cancel the relevant license and other penalties. From the investigation of the situation, the name of a large and false name under the banner of the site has a lot of blackmail and impose exactions on is a personal office, no legal qualification. Some criminals by changing the site name, domain name, IP address jump transformation, changing access to other ways to avoid combat, some will be transferred to the server overseas, but the workers are still engaged in activities in the territory.

National Internet information office network news Coordination Bureau official said, will continue to work with relevant departments to improve the network environment, unremittingly to combat counterfeit blackmail and impose exactions on educational institutions, website, news media website, hope the community will continue to support and actively monitor and enthusiastically report together to create a healthy and harmonious network environment.