Joffre founder Cao Jianhua suspected of network marketing investigation by the police

recently there is news that the domestic cosmetics "Xiafei once with fame spreading far and wide" founder Cao Jianhua on suspicion of "pyramid schemes".

"First Financial Daily" yesterday in Shanghai Tibet Road, building 3 Shanghai Xiangyu Group imperial Agel Ecommerce Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "imperial family") that the company is operating normally, the company concerned that Cao Jianhua is to assist the police investigation, but denied it was seized, reporters asked to see Cao Jianhua, and he was told other top companies are not in.

2007, Cao Jianhua opened I love me to buy the site, in order to buy product points for the pension for marketing, the site’s annual sales of hundreds of millions of dollars. He put forward is the core old-age consumption of consumers in the purchase of enterprise products, enterprise to the consumer as a business investment, corporate profits will be according to a certain proportion of the return to consumers, without increasing the burden on consumers under the condition of enterprises gradually accumulate for consumers a considerable pension funds, so as to solve many problems and pension related.

published on the site in accordance with the rules, consumers to buy the product in the website, the integral annual consumption of less than 20000 points and apply, can enjoy the 12% compounded rate of return, a total of ten years will be able to cash effective consumption. Integral and another annual consumption of less than 48000 points, can enjoy 20% interest rate of return.

in April 23rd this year, Shanxi Linfen City Public Security Bureau website, the cracked suspects Cao Moumou (now chairman of the imperial family), Chen Moumou, Zhao Moumou fund-raising fraud, MLM organization and leadership activities.


announcement said that since March 2011, Chen Moumou, Moumou two couples for investment promotion according to the Shanghai imperial family group investment manual, video lecture and a marketing manager to Linfen, pay 10 thousand yuan to join the imperial family to become the company’s three agents.

Chen Moumou, Moumou to the general agent of the imperial family endowment consumer identity in Shanxi, according to the company’s business model in Shanxi Province, Linfen City, Yuncheng City, Taiyuan city to the imperial family agents recruited more than 200 people, the current investigation involving an amount of 5000 yuan, all into the imperial family and its legal representative Cao Moumou personal account, and then from the line on behalf of the company to Chen Moumou, Zhao Moumou issued the "service fee", Chen Moumou, Moumou illegal profits from. At that time, Chen Moumou, Zhao Moumou has been arrested, the suspect Moumou has been under criminal detention according to law.

Chen, Zhao and his wife, who had been engaged in the financing of private activities, such as Shanxi, local agents Wan Lina (a pseudonym) is not recognized for them, but it believes that Cao Jianhua is implicated in the two. In her view, consumer pension is a very good model, including her own, many elderly people are willing to take it as the cause of the latter half of life". Born in 1955, Lina and Cao Jianhua are the same age million in July 2011, and 10 other old lady started "consumer pension".