One week news review Honey bud baby channel false Luo Yonghao controversy involving Wang Ziru

1 maternal electricity supplier honey bud baby milk procurement channels of direct mail fraud alleged

if the trolley, safety seats and other fakes depressing, unknown sources of milk is a real fear and anger, after all the mothers first choice of honey bud baby is out of its 100% genuine commitment.

honey bud baby milk powder direct mail touted purchasing milk to test the authenticity of

Phoenix recently reported exclusively "electricity supplier honey bud baby mother suspected of selling fake goods, procurement channels of doubt". The Phoenix survey found that the official propaganda "100% genuine security, only from the brand side, general agent, country of origin direct purchase" Honey bud baby, its sales of rosemari cart and Britax safety seat is not from the brand side, general agent for direct procurement, and Magro suspected fake blue cart.

honey bud baby from Taobao store has been propaganda "the earliest popular Kao diapers authentic licensed concept of business, has publicly shared procurement channels, micro-blog broadcast and brand contract process, the Phoenix verification also doubts.

faced with the media and consumers questioned, 24 PM honey bud baby website product page has begun to show the brand authorization, and for the question of the mother to provide an electronic version of the license, self channel.

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2 a pirated video site profit of more than one million yuan after the arrest of founder  

was closed for alleged infringement of the film website

80 after the use of computer technology to master the establishment of pirated video sites, Free HD version of the popular movie downloads, more than a year has earned more than one million yuan of illegal income. Recently, Hefei successfully cracked a large copyright infringement case, close Chen alleged infringement of movie website 3, seized infringement involving more than 2 film and television works, it is reported that this is the province’s first network television copyright infringement case.

American Film Association report website

at the beginning of this year, the American Film Institute and its members Fawkes, paramount, Warner and other companies of the national copyright administration to report, in a 161 movie website found a lot without their association and a member of the company authorized by the film and television works.

3 Internet Conference out of the middle of the accident to the guests to urge guests debt

August 26th