Pinterest the value of mining user interest map



if the Internet industry to emerge from the new product analogy fashion apparel collocation, what will be the trend of the next season?.


, Twitter, Foursquare, when Facebook GroupOn, Tumblr of these Internet fashion star turns the stage, Pinterest has caused a new upsurge in the United states. Unlike the stars before it, women aged 25 to 44 years of age accounted for about Pinterest of all users of about 60%. It’s popular Silicon Valley route is not to rely on the typical diffusion from the scientific community, male opinion leaders from the public, but by the original art and design professionals such as seed users to housewives and various professionals and enthusiasts interested in diffusion.

Pinterest on-line in March 2010, has yet to disclose its traffic data. According to Hitwise statistics, and half a year ago in June 18, 2011 compared to the week, Christmas in one week in 2011, the number of visitors to Pinterest increased by 4000%, increased from 275 thousand to 11 million, its popularity is remarkable. At present, Pinterest is still not open registration, founder of the · Silbermann (Ben Silbermann) said, "to existing users invited to sign up on the website, recently invited a sharp rise in volume is the number of users." Behind the huge amount of browsing, hiding a large number of unregistered users, they are just browsing, but also did not participate in the community to collect and share content.

Pinterest was born from the founder Silbermann in an idea at the end of 09, "the people’s favorite hobbies will be how to online, it will be very cool?" Silbermann in childhood love of insects and collecting stamps, he is also a lot of people are fascinated by the fact of love. Finally, hilberman left him in consulting work, and in November 2009 two of his classmates rented a small apartment, started Pinterest. The site name literally is the combination of Pin and interest, meaning their "interesting" pushpin nails in the nail plate.

in the summer of 2010, when the founding team conducted interviews with early users in San Francisco and New York, they realized that Pinterest would be of great potential. Xiboerman was surprised to find that, designers, architects, chefs and other "ordinary people" is the most enthusiastic users. They did not expect that the market would be so large that the growth rate would be phenomenal.

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