Domestic music download fee collective action or early next year

"free lunch" does not end there is still free music can listen to

IT Times reporter Qian Lifu figure CFP

this October for domestic digital music, it is a bittersweet day.

‘s first pro music payment system Google Chinese music search officially closed in October, ending its 4 year history of operations in china. Google music is just a microcosm of the exit, in the free product run rampant, the product is not sticky music, the domestic digital music platform has been difficult to survive.

in the plight of the record company, music platform finally join hands to take collective action, hoping to break a path, so that they can live better. Recently, several major international record companies including Warner Music, the United Nations, Baidu QQ, cool dog music and many other music platform to try to take charge a monthly subscription music download system. "Is expected in January next year, we will together push the" small shrimp net CEO Wang Hao said.

unprecedented collective action

music platform and record companies have a long history of cooperation, music platform to take charge download mode is not new.

from the 2008 product line, we have already paid mode exists." Small shrimp music network CEO Wang Hao said to "IT times" reporter. Nine day music network founder Chen Jiong also told reporters that the download mode has been in charge for many years in the past nine days.

however, the major record companies and music platform jointly launched a free download action, this is the past, no, "we sit together to discuss, the record company is more active," Wang Hao said, this year by the record company, the Ministry of culture or music platform will lead in particular, they participated in several time.

is currently the three major record has given the industry guidance, which states that the lowest tariff service monthly download limit. But each music platform will not form a unified standard, developed a unified fee model, but not so fine. For example, next year to start charging, charging mode is how to develop such a content." Wang Hao said.

reporter also call more than 40 music network, the relevant parties just said that the current and record companies are being discussed, the specific content is not disclosed. Baidu also has not made a clear response, said Baidu music has signed a cooperation agreement with universal music copyright, copyright Warner, and actively with the copyright, musicians and record companies to explore new mode of music.

free music still has to listen to

days ago, foreign media reported that the United States had a college student because of illegal downloading and sharing 30 songs by the Massachusetts court fined $675 thousand, the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected his application for reducing fine litigation.

such a thing can not happen in the country, for the Internet users, this also >