Drug enforcement office 2015 network of drug trafficking issues prominent shut down the site of the

newspaper Beijing February 18th news reporter Liu Ziyang China National Narcotics Control Commission Office today released the 2015 China drug situation report (hereinafter referred to as the report) pointed out that the main drug trafficking to young people and farmers. In 2015, the national criminal arrested drug suspects 194 thousand, among them, 18 minors under the age of 3588, 18 to 35 years old the following personnel 115 thousand, the number of persons under the age of 35 accounted for the total drug-related criminal suspects arrested 61.3%. Farmers and no fixed professional personnel 153 thousand, accounting for the total number of suspected drug-related crime was arrested by a total of 78.9%. In addition, drug traffickers are also involved in the national civil service, workers, students, individual business, company staff, etc..

report shows that in 2015, the country cracked 165 thousand drug-related criminal cases, arrested drug suspects, seized various types of drugs, a total of 102.5 tons, an increase of 13.2%, respectively, and 15% and 48.7%. After continuing to carry out anti drug struggle, the drug situation of overall control, no development has become a prominent problem seriously affected the economic and social development, people live and work in peace and social stability.

according to the data provided in the report, drug addicts younger features. In the country 2 million 345 thousand drug addicts, less than the age of 18, accounting for 1.8%; the age of 18 to the age of 1 million 422 thousand, accounting for 60.6%; the age of 36 to the age of 870 thousand, accounting for 37.1%; over the age of 59, accounting for 0.5%, accounting for 11 thousand, accounting for more than 43 thousand, accounting for more than 60. In addition, the use of drug trafficking problem is equally prominent network. In 2015, the national Internet cracked 15 thousand drug-related cases, arrested 36 thousand criminal suspects, including Internet service providers for criminal punishment 256, seized 4.3 tons of drugs, precursor chemicals 10.1 tons of various types of illegal drug-related information, clean up more than 6.5, shut down banned drug-related website 832.

, deputy director of the National Narcotics Control Commission Ministry of public security party members Liu Yuejin said, in the face of the grim situation of drugs and heavy narcotics task, national drug control departments will conscientiously implement the central series of decisions and plans to actively respond to the new changes in domestic and international drug control situation, the organization to carry out anti drug crackdown campaigns, and resolutely curb the high incidence of drug-related crime prone momentum and the maximum education saving addicts, strengthen adolescent drug prevention education, to make efforts to reduce the supply of drugs, drug demand, made more obvious results of drug control work.