WeChat Alipay colleagues! Central bank emergency stop network credit card


central bank issued a document yesterday, emergency stop line barcode (QR code) payment and virtual credit card. The paper pointed out that the central bank’s head office departments will conduct a comprehensive assessment of compliance and safety of such business. Before March 31st to the head office to submit relevant materials and regulatory recommendations.

central bank documents, said the two-dimensional code payment security questioned, there is a certain risk of payment risk; virtual credit card in customer identification, information security needs to be further studied. CITIC Bank said it has not received the relevant information. (analysis of the virtual credit card network can refer to this article: the waters of the credit card network)

, CITIC Bank and Tencent Inc respectively before Alipay launched a virtual credit card business. Affected by this news, CITIC Bank shares fell today, was close to the limit, closing at noon at 4,90 yuan, down 8%. At the same time, Tencent shares are also affected by this, accelerate downward. As of midday at 558.2 yuan, down by 5%.

The following

for "the people’s Bank of Chinese division to suspend payment of the settlement Alipay company line barcode (two-dimensional code) payment business opinion letter"

Hangzhou branch of the people’s Bank of China payment and settlement department:

recently, Alipay (Chinese) Network Technology Co., Ltd. has launched entities merchants barcode (two-dimensional code) payment and other payment services face, and the United Commercial Bank launched a virtual credit card products. In order to maintain the payment service market order and prevent payment risks, the following suggestions are put forward:

one, under the bar code (two-dimensional code) to break the traditional business model accepted terminal, its risk control level is directly related to the customer’s information security and financial security. Currently, the bar code (two-dimensional code) used in the field of payment technology, terminal security standards are not clear. Related to the security of the proposed approach to pay the remaining surviving questioned, there is a certain risk of payment. Virtual credit card broke through the existing credit card business model, in the implementation of customer identification obligations, to protect the safety of customer information and other aspects to be further studied. In order to maintain the stability of the payment system and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the clients, the relevant departments of the head office will conduct an overall assessment of the compliance and safety of such businesses.

two, please promptly proposed regulatory advice to the Alipay company, ask them to immediately suspend the line barcode (two-dimensional code) payment, virtual credit card related businesses, to take effective measures to ensure the smooth transition of the business during the period of suspension, proper handling of customer service, reduce the influence of public opinion, and asked Alipay details about the product, the management system, operation process and mechanism of cooperation and profit distribution mechanism, customer rights protection mechanisms, emergency response and other content written report to you. Please place a comprehensive assessment of the line bar codes (two-dimensional code) compliance and security payment, virtual credit card, and in March 31st before the Alipay report material and relevant regulatory proposal submitted for payment.