The Ministry issued new regulations to control spam messages at the end of December expanded the sco

Ministry of spam messages governance at the end of December

issued new regulations

[TechWeb] November 18th news reports, the Ministry of Telecommunications Authority responsible person said yesterday, communication short message service management requirements prior to the drafting of the "(Draft)", to December 5th after the comments were aggregated and modified, is expected to the end of December issued.

the provisions from the legal level, without the user’s permission, no organization or individual shall send short messages to its business. For violations of the provisions of the telecommunications business operators and short message service providers, the maximum fine of 30 thousand yuan.

draft special made by any organization or individual without the consent or request the recipient, not to send commercial messages, and strictly curb "by the number of segments," send online automatic collection group, clear short information service provider and the short message content providers should be rejected and with short information the receiver shall not refuse to receive short message to the recipient obstacles.

in addition, draft the short message from the mobile phone SMS expanded to include WeChat, micro-blog and other new social media, and the basic telecommunication business operators in violation of the provisions of the information service providers and short clear punitive measures.

it is understood that, from May 2014 to November, the Ministry of industry in the country to carry out in-depth treatment spam messages · net screen 2014 "special action, three basic telecom companies to carry out rectification work on SMS port, a total of more than 80 thousand closed port, intercepted more than 12 billion spam messages, port class spam messages daily report decreased more than 80%. (Zhou Xiaobai)