Experts say the speculation . Chinese domain name will lose everything

‘.’ China ‘domain name is now very popular, from the beginning of the year, the number of registrations per month are significantly increased." The person in charge of a domain name registration agency, referring to the "China" domain name to the economic information daily reporters.

, according to incomplete statistics, China square net domain name registrar this year ". Chinese" domain name registration volume growth, the average monthly remained above 20%, some domestic large and medium-sized enterprises are also in the first time. "China" domain name registration.

With the "

. Chinese" domain name ". China sought, for" domain name cybersquatting has intensified. In this regard, some experts pointed out that although the Chinese domain name has many advantages, but it is only a manifestation of the network address, does not have high practical value. Therefore, for the "China." domain name, enterprises and investors should maintain a rational attitude, otherwise it will be because of speculation ". China" domain name lost out.

. China domain name sought after

In November 16, 2009

, Microsoft, Baidu, jointly supported by Alibaba, Taobao, Firefox, O PER A, travel,,,, and many well-known Internet companies on behalf of the China, China Internet Network Information Center to ICANN (IC A N N) submitted "China." international domain name application.

July 2010, IC A N N by the application, "China." domain name has become the world’s first pure Chinese global top-level domain; in August of the same year, "Chinese." officially implemented global enabled and DNS, global Internet users can through the network of computers in the world any country, any point to achieve barrier free access. The same as the use of English domain name, the user directly in the browser to enter the "China" domain name can reach the relevant sites, such as the entry of Peking University, China, you can enter the official website of Peking University.

for the majority of Chinese Internet users, compared with the English domain name, China has three advantages. The first is simple memory. Survey shows that more than 90% of the public think Chinese domain name is easier to remember and use; the second is easy to use. For the majority of Chinese Internet users, the convenience of the use of the mother tongue is self-evident. In addition, English characters"." Chinese stop"." Equivalent, traditional and simplified equivalent, the use of "China" domain name without switching input method, greatly simplifies the operation of the Internet; third is a high degree of identification. For businesses, almost all have their own independent Chinese brands, Chinese domain name does not need to be translated into English or transliteration into English characters can be used as a network brand.

IT, senior industry analyst Wang Yijiang told the economic reference news "reporter, in addition to the above advantages, for the majority of Internet users," China. Enabled "domain name also added an alternative way to access the Internet, will greatly reduce the Chinese users, especially agricultural >