Jian Wang action re attack 15 video website will take the initiative and self

news September 15th, 2010 Jian Wang action video site supervision work conference held in Beijing on the 15 day. National Copyright Administration announced the inclusion of 15 video sites for the active regulatory unit, the unit’s self-examination will start from now until the end of September 21st.

Wang Zhicheng, deputy director of the National Copyright Administration Management Department

disclosure of all aspects of the active supervision work at the meeting, mainly divided into "self-examination" and "Copyright Bureau verification" and "investigating the case" and "conclusion" this several stages.

the action in the monitoring of objects and works have a certain range, the Copyright Bureau identified a comprehensive list of film and television works, including the current market’s 50 most popular movies and the 50 TV series. In addition, the flow of data for each site and broadcast, and were identified a list of regulatory work, the number is 100. According to the list of 15 sites to self-examination of the type of work, source, authorization and other types of information. For unauthorized works should be truthfully registered and explained. The work of this website self-examination phase will be closed on September 21st. Wang Zhicheng believes that the technology is not difficult, this time for each site is quite adequate. After the end of self-examination, the copyright office, Ministry of public security will continue to intervene in other stages.

chose this 15 website, Wang Zhicheng explained: "this time to carry out self-examination and self correction are the major domestic video website, the online video works now account for 80% of the market, to concentrate on the main part of the whole industry will play a very good role model.

of the National Copyright Administration Management Secretary Wang Ziqiang also briefed the meeting on the Jian Wang action launched since the results, so far, the Copyright Office has received complaints from more than 700 pieces, after finishing the screening, there have been 550 pieces for.

since 2005, the copyright office each year, the Ministry of public security and the Ministry of industry to carry out copyright special action. Recalling the actions of the previous five years, a total of 2621 cases investigated and dealt with, according to the law to close the illegal website specializing in piracy of the 1198. A total of 4 million 612 thousand and 500 yuan fine.


into the active site supervision list: uusee, sina.com.cn, LETV, youku.com, sohu.com, antenna video, Baidu video, cool 6 network, exciting network, Internet TV, VeryCD, PPS, Tencent.com tudou.com, 56 video, Thunder KanKan.

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