The earthquake let us lose color


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In 2008 05

19 -21 June, the earthquake let us lose color.

May 12, 2008, the heart of the human world, along with the Sichuan 8 earthquake in Wenchuan, was shocked……

as of 18, when the Wenchuan earthquake has killed 32477 people were killed and 220109 people were injured.

for the expression of the people of all ethnic groups in Sichuan, Wenchuan earthquake victims of deep condolences, the State Council decided that from May 19, 2008 to 21 for the national day of mourning. In the meantime, the national and foreign institutions Xiaban Qi, stop public recreational activities, the foreign ministry and China’s embassies and consulates set up condolence book. 14:28 on May 19th, the National People’s silence for 3 minutes, then the car, train, ship whistle, air raid sirens.

is counting with the user, to pay tribute to the struggle in disaster rescue, first Secretary Hu Wen, troops, volunteers all over the country, all the victims in silence to


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