llegal traders drill empty CN domain name registrant to sell identity information

January 28th news, according to the domain name insiders revealed that they have recently received a personal identity card to sell information to help them complete the domain name authentication information submitted CN.

according to the domain name investors reflect, they recently received a number of unscrupulous traders, through IM, e-mail, text messages sent to sell personal identity card information advertising. These vendors claimed that the Registrar can through these identity information, the price of an identity information from 5 to $1.

it is understood that, in accordance with the CN domain name management regulations, prior to December 14, 2009 9 registered domain name English domestic success, need to submit information about domain name proof materials before January 31, 2010. Individual users should submit registration contact information.

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in this regard, investors said that the use of identity information of others, on the one hand will bring legal risks to their rights and interests, on the other hand also brought chaos to the CN domain name registration management, suggestions from these unscrupulous traders.