China’s webmaster home was sustained DDOS attacks

      yesterday due to the Chinese home owners ( query website, suddenly discovered that it was not even, so I added China home station admin, advice that was a QQ:779359683 of large-scale DDOS attacks, announced the attacker’s QQ number, hope that the webmaster to help Chinese home owners uncovered the attacker.

      events in general is this September 5, 2007, around 4 pm, China home station was attacked, the site can not be opened, then people take the initiative to contact the owners of the house Chinese webmaster, and admitted that he attacked China home owners, at the same time for the entire station program to Chinese station house station, Chinese the owners of the house owners and their counsel, finally agreed to a program. After the attacker did not get a little credibility to continue to ask for other programs. Chinese webmaster home owners did not continue to allow their unreasonable demands, the man began to use DDOS on the home of China’s large-scale attack on the site, resulting in the use of which we can not use.

      China due to the owners of the house no hard equipment, had to temporarily shut down services.

      now China’s webmaster home owners have sorted out the relevant information of the log and the perpetrators, ready to be handed over to the public security bureau.

      now I will release this event, for the Chinese webmaster to seek help, whether it is technology or equipment, first of all thank you!

      China home owners for all owners who provide a good tool for many, I hope you will support some China home owners will continue to do

      here in order to avoid you admin friends that I ask you to talk with China home owners admin QQ:168022266 (Hans) indicate the origin.