National nternet nformation Office deployed to combat nternet rumors

in Beijing in May 2, reporters today learned from the state Internet Information Office, is a nationwide centralized deployment and combat use of the Internet rumors deliberately spread rumors behavior, has recently been investigated in Guizhou Lee and many other manufacturing and using the Internet to spread rumors deliberately people, closed a number of rumors pass rumors micro blog account, the public security organs a detention order punishment to relevant personnel.

reporter learned, Guizhou netizen Lee and Gongmou to attract eyeball, using their Sina micro blog account created and spread of bird flu occurred in Guiyang rumors, resulting in adverse social impact, the public security organs shall be given administrative detention for 5 days, Lee Gongmou 10 days of administrative detention punishment. National Internet information office according to the law closed more than and 20 micro blog account Gongmou, Lee et al.

National Internet information office network news Coordination Bureau official said that very few users spread all kinds of rumors from time to time on the Internet, some image stitching to slander others, and some of the so-called "big V" account "for the rumor" and "verification" means deliberately spread rumours, let some users know the truth follow the trend, undermines the credibility of online media, disrupting the normal communication order, the public abhorrence of this phenomenon. Internet information content authorities have been highly concerned about this phenomenon, while strengthening the daily law enforcement, are focused on the fight.

relevant responsible person stressed that the use of the Internet rumors pass rumors is illegal, I owned many legal provisions to punish network rumor. China’s "criminal law" such as spreading rumors to incite subversion of state power, fabricate and disseminate false information that affect securities trading, fabricated and spread false facts to damage others, business reputation and product reputation, fabricating terrorist information such acts make guilty provisions. National Internet information office is under the control of Internet users to report and the daily work of the clues, in conjunction with the departments in charge of the information content across the Internet often spread false information website and micro blog account, WeChat account for further verification, will be the same as the public security organs shall be investigated for the responsibility of relevant personnel.

relevant responsible person also stressed the need to curb and combat network rumors, the need for joint efforts of all aspects. Will further investigate and deal with the implementation of legal responsibility, resulting in rumors spread, causing adverse effects of illegal websites. Welcome the public to report rumors in a timely manner, to report meritorious meritorious. Will always maintain high pressure on the network rumors, and earnestly safeguard the dignity of the law, maintaining a normal and orderly network environment.