Remember the four team celebrated the loan pat scriptures like persistence and purification

Office of the State Council, No. 107 text, so pat loan Zhang Jun mood. Four brothers continue to purify and adhere to the scriptures ", was finally rewarded


head Zhang Junxiang Tang Seng, with Hu Honghui like pig, responsible for risk control of Li Tiezheng like Wukong, and Gu Shaofeng closer to shaceng


_ Reporter Lin Mo Wu Jinyong _ Jia Rui editor _ photography

[Chinese entrepreneurs] in 2009, Zhang Jun from the minimally invasive software company to leave, dedicated to pat the loan, the P2P platform company is walking on the edge of collapse.

then pat loans also devoutly continuation line Internet platform "free of charge", 2 million yuan venture fund several partner Coushang has been exhausted, visited several investors does not endorse this business model, a dozen employees have quit, leaving only a small team of 5 people.

the year before the Spring Festival, the three original partners look dignified and sit together, convened a meeting where ppdai death. CTO Gu Shaofeng of the platform into the most, so he is the most tangled; CMO Hu Honghui did not want to burn in the collapse. "And I have a kind of unwilling to complex, I have not tried it, how to pour the platform?" pat CEO Zhang Jun told the "Chinese entrepreneurs".

then Zhang Jungang said goodbye to the 400 thousand annual salary, his team of more than 170 people, has become a pat on the loan CEO, and Gu Shaofeng like to receive a monthly salary of 3000 yuan, to residential office. Resign before he and his wife together had an account, if the loan pat really came the wife’s income is also the end of hills and rivers, to eke out a mortgage and daily expenses. In order to appease the mood of the family, Zhang Jun painted cake to his wife, "we have found investors, will soon have money into".

to November 2012, Sequoia Capital to pat the loan carried out A round of financing, Zhang Jun two and a half years ago to draw the cake was able to fall. Market rumors of Sequoia to pat loans into the $25 million, but Zhang Jun told the related interview but really responded, "Chinese does have Sequoia Capital Injection into the pat on the loan, but the amount has not reached 25 million, speculation rather than facts". Due to the domestic venture capital companies to obtain financing, often tend to enlarge the amount of financing on the publicity caliber, thereby increasing the value of the platform for the outside world to understand, with the entrepreneur Zhang Jun’s answer seems to be some alternative.

when asked why she didn’t want to enlarge the amount of financing, Zhang Jun touched the head said, the impact of capital for any one industry brings has two sides, when the group purchase industry had appeared overnight, inflated capital influx of financing digital chaos, can eventually survive is still the group purchase industry group, the public reviews and other practical company. He does not want to see some unrealistic information and reports, will venture into the P2P industry crazy, so that some of the