Microsoft student center to provide genuine software download

2008 in February 19th, Microsoft Corp announced to the world university students a free SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 Windows, Server Standard Edition, XNA Game Studio 2 and its Expression product suite, the gift will also benefit to the senior high school students.




quote content: welcome to DreamSpark Microsoft student software resources. College students can get free tools and resources for innovative practice. Microsoft software resources for the majority of college students for college students to provide free teaching, scientific research and innovation practice of the required software tools; to help college students to broaden their horizons, expand the cultivation of innovative skills; practical talents help universities.

who can get Microsoft student software resources
now in the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Chinese, Spain, Sweden and Belgium, the college students can get these resources. If you do not belong to the above countries and regions, please continue to focus on DreamSpark, we will continue to add more countries and regions to DreamSpark.

college students whether there may not be able to get these software resources

I need to do in order to obtain these resources,

then what conditions? You only need to have this email domain. You can apply for simple. And can obtain the genuine service. What are you waiting for? Immediately download it