DC renew difficult problem of individual owners rights difficult road

talk about IDC, is forced, the author of the N site is paralyzed ing, the cost of virtual space will be paid in time, a little late, they will be closed. (pictured)


is strange: Why are you server problem is not the first time to solve the problem?! this is the claim that "the person responsible for all-weather network maintenance, to provide safe, reliable and smooth network environment". "We save you all server management and other aspects of the cumbersome and allows you to easily on the modern Internet brings the greatest benefits" – thank you, now every day hundreds of lost. "You don’t have to concentrate in the network technology, server maintenance etc." is? Really? Can? In addition to these red text, what I want to do, I can only 100 degree – Kingsoft 2008:http://s.www1.duba2008.org.cn.

MYSQL database problems, only all the pages are HTML, has not been updated for more than a week, and now think of the IDC environment, there will be no trivial, just. (pictured)


then, another one died today. (pictured)


see here, colleagues laughed, I wonder what they’re laughing? What is so strange!? they have not get excited over a little thing. Such things often happen in the webmaster, they will smile, and then do what they do, sorry I don’t understand the qualifications is shallow, the circle of those "good habits", partial love Big deal by the predecessors, temper "habit" no, they recognize. Think of Chengdu mother speak a word of "palace courtyard is the most taboo of" I think "such a sentence". Perhaps, we should recognize, no sense of responsibility to continue to earn IDC Enron our money, how dare to challenge the landlords and farmers. Perhaps, we should call the customer service to say: "Hello, Spring Festival, feel shy, disturb you, my room had a little problem, can you spare some time to help me deal with, really feel shy". Perhaps, they are very busy, we divided the silver in the League years. Reply (see Figure)


Spring Festival, can not blame, we have to rest, but at least someone on duty, it is so demanding. Our losses, you will bear it? No burden, so that the loss of who is responsible for the responsibility? Otherwise, the cost of space points?. IDC is only one, do not only know, but, who finally damaged.

some people want to rights? In order to hard-earned money, in order to dignity, as a personal webmaster society >